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Our  firm provides legal tools/ charts for our client to manage their content including in the digital world.

We provide legal support and give expert advice to secure our clients’ intellectual property assets.  

Our firm supports authors, (photographer, web designer, developer, artistic manager…), advertising and communication agency, in the management of their contractual relationship.

We provide comprehensive legal advice on copyright, trademark (logo…), right of privacy and/or advertisement law

We draft General Conditions of Sales and General Conditions of Use for our clients, advertising agencies, communication agencies and events organization.,

We support advertising and communication agencies as well as their clients and partners in the management of their contractual relationship (including but not limited to agency agreement, referencing, partnership, affiliation, and sponsorship.)

We support agencies, contractors and service providers in the management of their contractual relationship in areas including event organization.

Our firm provides content/advertisement legal review and ensure that your content/advertisement is in compliance with applicable regulation.



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